As a NUR International University student, there is no shortage of opportunities to be a leader.  Students can create their own club, students can be elected to club officer level positions, students can apply to be Orientation Leaders, or a multitude of other opportunities. The Student Life staff also works with students to help build leadership skills.  Additionally, the Student Life staff work one-on-one to help support and foster student leadership through NUR Student Leadership Programme.

Clubs & Societies

There are a number of societies for the students to get involved according to their choice and strength.  These platforms facilitate them to nourish themselves as an all-rounder.

A small selection of our clubs and societies is shown below:

The sports club organizes various sports events that are held throughout the year including badminton tournaments, cricket and netball matches. All the events held throughout the year are culminated into a large event, “Annual Sports Day” that is held in the first week of February, in which all the top players of each sport compete for the top prizes.

Dramatic club identifies the gems of acting and an “Annual Play Contest” is organized that includes; Skits and short videos. It helps the student to build confidence and often they also identify it as their career.

An “Annual Funfair” is organized where students set up various stalls of games and edibles. It is usually organized at the commencement of new session. Other Extracurricular activities are held throughout the year for the students.

This club arranges several interesting and keenly contested activities like; Parliamentary Debates, Declamations and the Annual Lahore Debating Gala. Debates Club plays a huge role in building core confidence of our students

The Music and Arts encourages students to bring forth their creative skills in the arts and musical abilities. The society holds the annual “Music Mentor” in which students participate and compete in the music competition. The society is also responsible for the annual sketch competition and participates in various events held at different colleges.