Developing the human resource to contribute positively towards society is what NIU aims at. Merit-based scholarships are granted to those bright students who are best able to achieve that aim.

Merit Scholarships shall be offered to the students with following criteria for 1st Semester:

  1. a) Scholarship on the basis of Intermediate – for Undergraduate Programs
·         Top Ten Position holders in BISE Examination 50% tuition-fee waiver
·         80% or above marks in BISE Examination: 30% tuition fee waiver
·         75%-79.99% marks in BISE Examination: 20% tuition fee waiver
·         70%-74.99% marks in BISE Examination: 10% tuition fee waiver
  1. b) Scholarship on the basis of A-levels – for Undergraduate Programs
·         Three A’s in A-Level 30% tuition fee waiver
·         Two A’s in A-Level 20% tuition fee waiver
·         One A’s in A-Level 10% tuition fee waiver
  1. c) Scholarship on the basis of CGPA’s – for Masters & MS/MPhil Programs
·         CGPA 3.91 to 4.00 50% tuition fee waiver
·         CGPA 3.75 to 3.90 30% tuition fee waiver
·         CGPA 3.50 to 3.74 20% tuition fee waiver
  • Scholarships shall be granted against Tuition Fee only.
  • Continuation of Merit Scholarships in subsequent semesters is subject to maintenance of CGPA not less than 3.00.



A limited number of Need Based Scholarships are available to students who demonstrated need, to be supported by a completed Financial Assistance Form (available from the Student Affairs Department) along with supporting documents i.e. home utility bills, rent agreement, salary slips etc.