Prof Dr Anila Jaleel

Prof Dr Anila Jaleel is Head of the Department Biochemistry and Assistant Dean at NUR International University. She graduated from Dow Medical College, did M.Phil from BMSI JPMC, Karachi and received Ph.D in Biochemistry from Ziauddin University in 2002. She did MBA in Marketing in 2000 and is currently enrolled in MHPE program at UHS

She is HEC Approved Supervisor in Biological Sciences and member integrated curriculum committee at HEC&PM&DC. She was appointed as inspector from PM&DC for inspection of several postgraduate and undergraduate institutions.  She has worked as Associate Dean Basic Health Sciences and HOD Biochemistry at Ziauddin University. She also worked as Director Medical education at CMH Lahore Medical and Dental College Lahore. She has more than 55 publications in international and national peer reviewed impact factor journals. She has supervised one Ph.D. and five M.Phil thesis. She has fetched nine grants from international and national funding agencies.


Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Ziauddin University in 2002. 

M.Phil from BMSI JPMC, Karachi 

MBA in Marketing in 2000

MHPE program at UHS (Currently Enrolled)

Research Experience

  • Supervised one Ph.D. and Five M.Phil candidates –to date
  • More than 55 publications in international and national peer reviewed impact factor journals
  • Fetched nine grants from international and national funding agencies
  • Presented at international and national conferences and seminars
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Published in Newspaper

  • Kitchri: A new strategy to prevent iron deficiency. Published in Jang (Newspaper-Karachi) June 20, 2002
  • First Ph.D from Ziauddin Medical University and details of research work done. Published in Daily News (Newspaper- Karachi), March 20, 2002
  • Interview published on  iron supplementation, March 17,2002, Financial Post