Dr. Ammar Rashid

PhD Business Information Systems (New Zealand), Associate Professor, HOD, Department, of Business Adminstration

Dr. Ammar Rashid is currently working as an Associate Professor in the Department of Business Administration at NIU. Along with a Ph.D. in Business Information Systems from New Zealand, he has 14+ years of professional/teaching/research/consulting work experience in USA, New Zealand and Pakistan. Prior to his appointment at NIU, he worked for four years as an Assistant Professor, Director Quality Enhancement Cell, Head of Division, and Principal Researcher at UCP Business School. He previously worked as a faculty member in the Department of Business Information Systems at Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Business School, New Zealand. Furthermore he has initiated Enterprise Resource Planning certification/training programs (SAP & Microsoft Dynamics) to support the teaching and learning of various courses at AUT and UCP Business School. Dr. Ammar has also got video recorded (50 hours) courses on Enterprise Resource Planning for BBA and MBA students of Virtual University at Pakistan.

He has published in British Journal of Educational Technology, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, International Journal of Innovation and Learning, International Journal of Quality Technology & Quantitative Management, Asia Pacific Management Review, Journal of Workspace Learning as well as other journals and refereed conference proceedings. Recently the book published on Consumer Information Systems by IGI Global has a chapter written by him on Value Co-Creation in Cloud Services. He serves on the editorial board/advisory board of several international journals. His research interests include business process innovation, customer knowledge management, business analytics, big data, data science, enterprise systems, and service systems.

Doctor of Philosophy (Business Information Systems)
AUT Business School, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Master of Science (Computer Information Systems)
School of Computing and Information Systems, Grand Valley State University, USA

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