To prepare leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow through a holistic education experience encompassing the best values and practices of both eastern and western world.


To develop leaders in different professional fields critical to the development of society by focusing on knowledge and research for improving quality of life and living standards based on equity.

About NIU

As one of the main scholastic and research establishments in Pakistan, the NIU offers an intellectually inspiring environment with humanistic customs for students and researchers to face and react to advancement challenges. With our rigorous academic programs at various levels we expect to engage our students to challenge traditional thinking in quest for inventive thoughts. Students learning at NIU will be given the chance to explore the world with a view to craft a better tomorrow.

At NIU students will get an opportunity to gain conventional and current knowledge and aptitudes, which will improve their future potential.

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Recent Events

Workshop at NIU on the Topic of “Mindfulness: How to be Aware”

The Applied Psychology Department at NIU arranged a workshop for the faculty members of NIU on the topic of “Mindfulness: How to be Aware”. The workshop was held on 14 th March, 2018 from 9 am to 10 am. Dr Imran Ijaz Haider and Dr Ayesha Sarfaraz conducted the workshop. Dr Imran elaborated in detail how being preoccupied all the time takes away happiness from our lives and increases stress and anxiety. He stressed upon the importance of being mindful in our everyday lives and how to live a purpose full life. Dr Ayesha further explained to the participants what mindfulness actually is and how it can be practiced in our everyday lives with the help of hands on practical exercises. The participants enjoyed the workshop and thanked the presenters.

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NUR International University, Lahore organized a “Welcome Party for the new batch of 2017” on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at Fatima Memorial Hospital, Shadman, Lahore.

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Healthy Pakistan, Progressive Pakistan

As part of its’ annual student engagement plan NUR Student Leadership Program in collaboration with NUR-FMS School of Nutrition organized the event “Healthy Pakistan, Progressive Pakistan” to commemorate the upcoming 23rd March 2018 Pakistan day and the March Nutrition Month. The Nur Student Leadership Program is part of the visionary and goal oriented approach of Nur Foundation towards integrated community development. The program was launched in 1995 and enrolls secondary, undergraduate and graduate students from across Pakistan. To date, 1,650 students from more than 60 schools, colleges and universities have completed the internship offered by the program. NUR-FMS School of Nutrition promotes educational activities, trainings, research, food and nutrition services and social development in the field of nutrition. The organized event advocated for the need of nutritional enhancement of students across the country for an overall healthier population and for Pakistan to enhance its’ global competitiveness and progress economically. It acted as an infotainment based forum to gather students from various schools and universities across Lahore to recognize their role as gatekeepers and guardians for children’s health and wellbeing outcomes by promoting a healthy eating culture and basic food hygiene practices. Main features of the event included a “Healthy Bake Sale” where students participated in the challenge of providing taste with health through selling baked food items that were low in fat and high in fiber unlike the common sugary treats that provide empty calories. The bake sale was successful and showcased that giving bake sales a healthy edge didn’t t have to mean less fun, fewer customers, or lower profits. The participating institutions included NUR International University, Nestle Clinical Health, Khaalis Kitchenette, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad; Gulab Devi Educational Complex; College of Home Economics; Lahore Vital Group; Minhaj University; Government College University, Sahiwal; University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and Toba Tek Singh; Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore; Rashid Latif Medical College, Lahore; University of Faisalabad; Sargodha Medical College, Sargodha and University of Lahore. A panel of judges including Professor Dr. Nighat Bhatti (Head of Department, Nur International University), Dr. Tahir Zahoor (Director General, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad) Ms. Saman Tahir (Manager Research and Technical Services) and Ms. Shazia Zehra (Head of Department, NUR-FMS School of Nutrition) evaluated bake sale competition. In addition, a documentary and poster making competition was held to allow students of various ages to express their sentiments of what a truly “Healthy Pakistan” means to them. Both the competitions were evaluated by panel of experts including Ms. Beenish Kashif, Mr. Aazar Zaman Duranni and Ms. Iqra Nasim. Students of Saeed School won the first prize, Musab School won the second and Govt. Girls High School Model Town won the third prize. The event also included a “Continuous Dietetics and Nutrition Education” seminar with 169 participants including students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Mr. Mudassar Ali, an experienced fitness and health expert was the key note speaker and talked on the importance of habit based lifestyle change programs to overcome the fads that the youth follow today. He stated that as fitness and health expert the first rule we taught is “There are no good and bad foods. Eat all foods in Moderation.” Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of physical activity along with dietary changes to make sustainable changes in weight and encouraged that a minimum of 30 minutes of structured physical activity per day for five days a week is recommended for all adults. Certificates for the attendees and cash prize distribution to the competition participants were distributed at the end of the lecture followed by a speech by Mrs. Shahima Rehman, Chairperson, Nur Foundation.

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NUR International University & The School of Health Sciences – Fatima Memorial System held Annual Sports Fest at Ayub Stadium, Lahore Cantt. NUR International University, FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry, FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences & Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing falls under the school.

The combined sports day of all Academic institutions under the banner of NUR-FMS was attended by Prof. Rakhshanda Rehman – Dean School of Health Sciences, FMS, Prof Jamshaid Nasir – Principal, FMH College of Medicine, Prof. Nazia Yazdanie – Principal, FMH College of Dentistry, Dr. Farhia Shah – Vice Principal, FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences, Misbah Zafar – Director Academic Nursing, Saida Waheed FMH College of Nursing, over one hundred faculty members and eighteen hundred students of the university and three colleges.

The athletics events featured at the sports day included 100 meter race, 200 meter race, 400 meter race, 3 legged race and sack race for both boys and girls. The Annual Sports day was a culmination of sports activities that had been taking place the college for the past one month.

The winners for the sports events were BDS for Football, Third Year MBBS for Cricket, Final Year MBBS for Basketball (Male) and 4th Year MBBS for Basketball (Female). The winners for Table Tennis Male (Doubles) were Ali Salman/ Khuzaimah 4th Year MBBS, and winner for Table Tennis Male (Singles) was Uzair Ahmed Final Year MBBS. The winners for Table Tennis Female (Doubles) were Sameera/Shaima 3rd year & final year MBBS, and winner for Table Tennis Female (Singles) was Sameera 3rd year MBBS.

The winners in Badminton Male & Female (Doubles) were Wisam and Usama from Final Year MBBS & 2nd Year MBBS and Parsa and Arfa from final year MBBS & BDS respectively. The winners in Badminton Male & Female (Singles) were Ahmed Nadeem and Rashk Kashif from first Year MBBS and 4th Year MBBS respectively. The winner of Basketball (Male) was Final Year MBBS and Basketball (female) was 4th Year MBBS. Umair Nadeem Third Year MBBS was the winner of Squash while the winners of Volleyball were Final Year MBBS and 4th Year MBBS.

The Annual Sports day was organized by the Convener Sports Club – Prof. Akmal Shaheen, Director Physical Education – Muhammad Hanif Khan, President Sports Club and the team at Fatima Memorial System.

The Sports Day for all the institutions was held collectively and Fatima Memorial System hopes to promote unity and a sense of kinship through these activities within the human health resource students of all three institutions.

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