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To develop leaders in different professional fields critical to the development of society by focusing on knowledge and research for improving quality of life and living standards based on equity.

About NIU

As one of the main scholastic and research establishments in Pakistan, the NIU offers an intellectually inspiring environment with humanistic customs for students and researchers to face and react to advancement challenges. With our rigorous academic programs at various levels we expect to engage our students to challenge traditional thinking in quest for inventive thoughts. Students learning at NIU will be given the chance to explore the world with a view to craft a better tomorrow.

At NIU students will get an opportunity to gain conventional and current knowledge and aptitudes, which will improve their future potential.

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Recent Events

Autism Awareness Seminar

The Department of Applied Psychology and Department of Speech and Language Pathology at NUR International University jointly organized “Autism Awareness Seminar” on Friday 11th may, 2018. The purpose of the seminar was to create awareness and understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and to provide knowledge regarding management of Autism.

The key note speakers included Dr. Nazish Imran, who is currently working as the Head & Associate Professor in the Department of Child & Family Psychiatry Department in King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Dr Nazish obtained her membership of Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2005 & Fellowship in 2016. She did her postgraduate training in Charing Cross and St Mary’s Psychiatric Training schemes in UK. She played pivotal role in establishing first dedicated child psychiatry inpatient unit in Pakistan at KEMU in 2012. She has to her credit more than 30 international and national publications. The other keynote speaker was Ms Atiya-ur-Rehman, who is the Head of Speech and Language Pathology Department at University of Lahore and has 18 years of experience in managing children with special needs.

The seminar was attended by faculty members and students of various public and private sector universities as well as by psychologists and speech and language pathologists from Children Hospital, King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital, University of Lahore, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) and Amin Maktab.

The seminar started with the recitation from the Holy Quran after which the Vice Chancellor of NIU, Dr Rakhshanda Rehman talked about the need to create awareness regarding Autism Spectrum Disorder. She stressed the importance of early intervention in the treatment of Autism and that both Psychologist and Speech and Language Pathologist play an important role in the management and treatment of Autism.

Ms Hiba Khalid (students of SLP Semester 2, NIU) gave a detailed presentation about Autism, in which she focused on its signs and symptoms and treatment procedure. She also elaborated some of the calming strategies used with children having ASD with the help of a video.

Dr. Nazish Imran, elaborated the symptoms and clinical presentation of Autism with the help of various videos. The videos enabled the audience in understanding the nature of repetitive behaviors as well as communication impairments in children with autism. She mentioned the assessment criteria and diagnostic process of autism and stressed upon parent participation in therapy process and multidisciplinary team approach for the management of autism spectrum disorders.

Dr Nazish also talked about caregiver stress faced by parents of children with autism and ways of managing it. She further mentioned that a recently a new term has emerged with reference to Autism which is called “Virtual Autism”. Virtual Autism may occur as a result of exposure to TV, smart phones, tablets and other such devices before the age of 2. She suggested that children under the age of two should not be exposed to such devices, as it interferes with their development.

Ms Attiya-ur-Rehman also elaborated the role of team work in rehabilitation of autism. She explained that speech and language pathologist, psychologist and occupational therapist need to work together in order to bring about a change in a child having Autism. Ms Attiya stressed that there is a dire need to create awareness regarding Autism and to educate people that the disorder is not untreatable and early intervention is the key to improvement.

Dr Imran Ijaz Haider (Head, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, FMH and Head, and Department of Applied Psychology, NIU) in his concluding remarks stressed the importance of appropriate training and education for treating and managing children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Dr Zafar Iqbal Qureshi (Educationist and Chairman, Board of Governors, NIU) concluded the seminar by appreciating the hard-work required to work with children with special needs. He appreciated the efforts of Applied Psychology and Speech and Language Pathology Department in organizing a seminar for creating awareness regarding Autism.

Dr Zafar Iqbal Qureshi also presented shields to the speakers and organizers of the event as a token of appreciation.

The students of Department of Applied Psychology and Speech and Language Pathology  also presented a skit which focused on developing understanding of Autism and showing empathy towards children with Autism and their parents. The skit was greatly appreciated by the audience.

In the end, Dr Ayesha Sarfaraz (Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Psychology NIU) thanked all the presenters for their valuable contribution and the audience for attending the seminar after which refreshments were served.

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First Annual Physical Therapy Seminar

NUR International University (NIU) held its 1st Annual Physical Therapy Seminar with the theme of “A Multidisciplinary Approach to Patient Care.” The objective was to highlight the role of physical therapy in management of patients in multiple specialties who are suffering from illnesses in musculo-skeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary, women’s health, and pediatrics. Furthermore, it was to highlight the local and international current quality practices of physical therapy emphasize vivid focus on research based treatments of patients ensuring their safety and purposeful progression to independent functional mobility. To achieve this purpose, evidence based presentations on multiple topics were presented by teams of physical therapist, physician and surgeon from multiple medical specialties.

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Guest Lecture at NIU on the Topic of “Youth Health and Safety”

The Applied Psychology Department at NIU arranged a guest lecture on the topic of “Youth Health and Safety.” The resource person for the guest lecture was Dr Sarah Shahed, (Director, Women Institute of Leadership and Learning, LCWU). Dr Sarah elaborated the role nutrition plays in women’s reproductive health, she stressed women, especially girls to take healthy diet. She also shared the result of her research study which shows that women/girls who take unhealthy diet are at greater risk for PMS. Dr Sarah mentioned that another very important factor affecting girl’s reproductive health according to her study is stress, which also includes stress related to harassment. She elaborated to the audience what harassment is and what protection the harassment law provides to women at workplace and in public places. She also discussed some strategies to deal with harassment. The session ended with an interactive Q and A session. At the end Dr Ijaz Ahmad (Pro Vice Chancellor, NIU) presented the shield to Dr Sarah Shahed, and thanked her for sparing time out of her busy schedule to come for a guest lecture at NIU.

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Anti-Corruption Awareness Seminar and Walk

The Character Building Society (CBS) of NIU organized an “Anti-corruption Awareness Seminar and Walk” on 24th April, 2018. The event started at 1:00 pm with the recitation of the Holy Quran after which Dr Ayesha Sarfaraz (Focal person CBS NIU) informed the students about the role of CBS in creating awareness regarding anti-corruption at educational Institutes. Ms Mahrukh Rashid (Member of CBS NIU) talked about corruption at individual, group and societal level and what role youth can play in eradicating corruption.  The Vice Chancellor NIU, Dr Rakhshanda Rehman, also graced the event with her presence and talked about the ill-effects of corruption at every level and how students can protect themselves from temptations that pave the way for corruption. After the seminar, all the Students, Faculty Members, Deans and Administrative Heads, and the Vice Chancellor of NIU joined the CBS team in the symbolic Anti-Corruption Walk around the campus.

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