The master’s program in Clinical Nutrition Program at NUR International University (NIU) crosses borders and disciplines. It encompasses understanding of supportive nutritional treatments for modern day ailments while developing skills in preventive medicine. The program represents confluence of new and emerging trends in healthcare at several levels and takes into account recent discoveries in human biochemistry and nutritional medicine.


Students will acquire the ability to apply critical-thinking skills to improve the quantity and quality of food and nutrition for people well into the future. The program develops expertise in relationships among academic disciplines including human biochemistry and nutrition and disease, an essential requirement for practicing nutrition and dietetics. The program encourages students to think critically, communicate effectively and analyze scientific research in the area of their interest. A master’s degree will prepare students for employment with government and international agencies, the food and beverage industry and a variety of careers in health care and private practice settings. The program is also suitable for students who want to pursue an advanced degree or wish to conduct research or opt for teaching opportunities. Residency training in a hospital setting (Fatima Memorial Hospital, Hijaz Hospital and Khair-un-Nisa Hospital) is available for students who aspire to gain valuable work experience and develop upon skills.


The postgraduate program in Clinical Nutrition incorporates advance concepts in nutrition science including medical applications of clinical nutrition, nutritional assessment and tops in genetic variations and human needs. Students will be exposed to research methodologies to prepare them for their dissertation.


Road Map

Semester 1


Semester 2
MCN 601 Advanced Concepts in Micro and Macro Nutrients 3 (3-0) MCN 602 Principles & Practices in Food Service Management 3 (3-0)
MCN 603 Research Methodologies – I 3 (3-0) MCN 604 Genetics &Nutrition Interaction 3 (3-0)
MCN 605 Nutritional Influences on Biochemistry and Diseases 3 (3-0) MCN 606 Research Methodologies – II 3 (3-0)
MCN 607 Functional Foods, Ageing & Degenerative Diseases 3 (3-0) MCN 608 Complementary Therapeutic Nutrition Strategies 3 (3-0)
Semester 3 Semester 4
MCN 609 Clinical Nutrition Practice (Hospital Attachment) 3 (0-3) MCN 699 Research Thesis 6 (0-6)
MCN 610 Nutritional Epidemiology 3 (3-0)    

Key Information

Faculty Applied Sciences
Study Level Postgraduate
Degree Length 2 Years
Attendance Type Full Time
Total Credit Hours 36
Entry Fall Semester



16 years of education with background in Basic Sciences and Nutrition (including Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Biochemistry).