MPhil Economics (Weekend Program):

This is a 2-year weekend program following the completion of 16 years of education i.e. BS (Hons) or conventional MA/MSc Economics. This program is quite suitable for the professionals and the classes will be scheduled on Saturday and Sunday only. After completion of MPhil, a student will have exposure to those courses and skills which are helpful to pursue a doctoral program or enter the teaching/research professions. The MPhil Economics consists of two semesters (24 credit hours) of coursework. In the summer term, MPhil Economics students choose their advisors and prepare a research proposal. In the second year, students focus their efforts on the MPhil research thesis (12 credit hours) under the supervision of a PhD faculty member.

Admission Criteria:

Candidates must

  • Submit an application and two reference letters (at least one must be from a previous teacher)
  • Have at least 16 years of education i.e. BS (H) in Economics and a minimum CGPA of 2.5 OR a conventional MA/MSc in Economics with at least 60% marks
  • Pass the NIU Aptitude Test in Economics (NATE)

Selection Criteria:

  • NATE score
  • Interview score
  • Past academic achievements

Merit of students will be determined on the basis of weighted aggregation of NATE score (30%), interview score (20%) and past academic achievement (50%).


  • Students who are waiting for results can apply provisionally but must submit a complete official transcript at the time of interview.
  • CGPA in the last degree will be counted towards past academic achievements.
  • Candidates who fail in the NATE are not eligible to appear in the interview.

Degree Requirements:

  • Satisfactory completion of 36 credit hours with CGPA of 2.5 or better. 18 are earned through core courses and 9 through electives offered by the department.
  • During the third semester of the program, students are required to carry out research on a topic of their choice under the guidance of a supervisor. The research thesis will be of 12 credits hours.
  • The student must be a full-time student during the coursework.
  • The thesis will be evaluated by an external expert and will be defended before a committee.
  • The thesis must be of publication-acceptable standards.
  • The university grading system will apply to this degree.
  • All other rules and regulations will apply as per Department and University policy.