Prof. Dr. Zafar Iqbal Qureshi
Member, Board of Governors, NUR International University

An academic of national repute and member of the team which started LUMS Business School: He has held senior academic and leadership positions at LUMS. Advisor to the Punjab Govt. for the education sector, he is a specialist of HR, corporate strategy, leadership and change management..

In today’s knowledge economy, socio-economic development is not possible without creating a globally competitive human resource capital. The creation of this capital requires institutions of higher learning that offer academic programs congruent with the requirements of the knowledge economy in the 21stcentury.

NUR International University (NIU) falls into the category of higher learning institutions, which offers professional programs needed by our economy. NIU is a chartered University of the Punjab Government and is also recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The University is committed to offer quality education of international standards in all its programs. Our programs are led by highly talented and qualified faculty based on curricula approved by HEC.

We offer a learning environment conducive for serious professional learning embedded in experiential learning and hands on practical experience. To cultivate a sense of social responsibility we encourage our students to work with communities. This helps our students to have an appreciation of the development challenges at the grass-root level. Additionally, our co-curricular activities encourage students to work in small teams on different projects to be creative and entrepreneurial. The seeds of leadership abilities are sown in them at an early stage of our programs.

The thrust in our programs on social responsiveness, development of leadership competencies and entrepreneurial spirit alongside promoting highly ethical professionalism places NIU in a unique competitive position as an academic institution. Most of all, the concept of service to contribute to the development of their country is promoted in the students through our NUR Students Leadership Program.