The Department of Business Administration offers a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with concentrations in Marketing, Finance & Information Sciences. The MBA program core curriculum is designed to introduce graduates with the way modern organizations actually work and teaches them skills to understand the full scope of information they need to make good decisions. The MBA program aims to equip students with hands-on learning experiences combined with practical classroom instruction with the essential management perspectives and business skills needed to effectively manage and lead organizations.



The MBA program has the following objectives:

  • Graduates will develop core competencies and knowledge in key business functional areas.
  • Graduates will develop strategic and innovation thinking skills to enable effective decision making and problem solving.
  • Graduates will have an understanding to employ leadership theory and demonstrate managerial skills with an understanding of the global environment.
  • Graduates will develop an ability to manage in circumstances where business practices and social conventions are different.
  • Graduates will be trained and educated to have well-rounded entrepreneurial skills to start their own ventures.
  • Graduates will develop skills to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.



NIU is part of a group that is known for imparting world class education to knowledge seekers. MBA program at NIU provide intensive and rigorous learning experience that is unique and is the top most choice for students all over Pakistan. All our faculty is foreign qualified and have decades of teaching, research and practitioner experience.



After completing MBA program, students can secure employment in private and public companies. Graduates are educated and trained to take leadership roles in many organizations. These roles include but not limited to Marketing Brand Manager, Social Media Manager, Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Enterprise Resource Planning Consultant, Information Systems Manager, Financial Analyst, Investment Advisor, and Financial Accountant.



The department of business administration focus keenly in building a strong liaison between industry and academia .Through this platform students gets engaged in series of productive activities such as field visits, seminars, workshops, internships, that gives them a competitive edge once they graduate from department.



Education has evolved in leaps and bound in recent years, a number of different teaching techniques have merged due to change in education.

Alongside the basic academia following are the teaching techniques we will use in MBA program.

Design Thinking (Case Method)

Flipped classrooms

Mind maps

Field based projects

Workshops and seminars


Nur can take the challenge to offer MBA program .The cost of the program is minimal compare to various social and economic benefits. The program will provide a platform in bridging the gap between industry and academia by providing quality graduates.

Board of studies, NIU Business department intend to start MBA program in fall semester, 2018.

Faculty Management Sciences
Study Level Post Graduate
Degree Length 2 years
Attendance Type Full Time
Total Credit Hours 66
Entry Fall Semester
Introduction to Information Technology


Business Research and Intelligence


Principals of Management and Organization (INSC301) Organizational Behavior


Principles of Marketing


Consumer Behavior


Financial Management I


Financial Management II


Financial Accounting


Managerial Accounting


Introduction to Information System


Venture Creation – Elective 1


Consumer Insights and Analytics


Supply chain Management-

Elective 3 (SCMTG501)

Strategic Information System


Financial Statement Analysis

( FINC501)

Strategic Human Resource Management



The sample roadmap provided above is for illustration purposes only. The department of Business Administration at NIU reserves the right to revise or update whenever deemed necessary or appropriate

  • Candidates with a minimum CGPA 2.50* or 2nd division in 4 years BBA /BS Management/BPA/ B.Com or equivalent business studies or commerce degree from HEC recognized university / college. Candidates with business background will have exemption of UGCW 33 credit hours .Candidates will have to fulfill minimum program duration as per Hec guidelines.
  • Candidates may also be admitted into MBA program with a minimum CGPA 2.50* or 2nd division in 4 years BS/B.Com etc or equivalent in non-business discipline from HEC recognized university / college. Candidates are required to complete additional 33 credits (11 courses) of undergraduate course work to complete degree.

*Lower CGPA students can be admitted if the performance in NIU MBA Entry or panel interview is exceptional

Degree Requirements:

The MBA degree is awarded based on background of the candidate. Below here is the MBA curriculum structure and total numbers of credits.

Curriculum Structure                                  Cr.Hrs(Courses)   

 Business Core- GCW                                      14(4)

Specialization-GCW                                         12(4)

Electives-GCW                                                  9(3)

UGCW                                                                  33(11)

TOTAL                                                                   66(22)  


GCW          Graduate coursework

UGCW        Undergraduate coursework

GEC             General Education Course

Each student is required to take 4 courses to complete any one specialization area and take 3 electives courses from any of the following areas i.e. Marketing, Finance, Information Sciences, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship and Management



  • Content Marketing
  • Freelancing
  • Sports Marketing
  • Public relation and Event Management
  • Digital Data Analytics
  • Strategic Brand Management



  • Financial Markets
  • Investment and Portfolio Management
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Trading and Exchanges
  • Corporate financial strategy


Information Sciences

  • Data Science and Technologies
  • Information Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Enterprise System
  • Social Computing


Business Electives


Supply Chain Management

  • Logistic management
  • Supply Chain Strategies
  • Supply Management


  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Cases in Entrepreneurship
  • Business Development and Innovation


  • Designing High Performance Organization
  • Power and Politics in Organization
  • Leading Effective Teams
  • Negotiation and Deal Making
Course Code Course Name Prerequisite
MKTG501 Content Marketing
MKTG502 Freelancing


MKTG601 Sports Marketing


MKTG602 Public relation and Event Management


MKTG603 Strategic Brand Management
FINC501 Digital Data Analytics
FINC502 Financial Markets
FINC601 Investment and Portfolio Management


FINC602 Financial Risk Management


FINC603 Trading and Exchanges


FINC604 Corporate Financial strategy
SCMT501 Operation and Supply Chain Management
SCMT502 Managing supply chain SCMT501
SCMT601 Logistic management
SCMT602 Supply Chain Strategies
SCMT603 Supply Management
INSC501 Strategic Information System
INSC502 Business Intelligence
INSC601 Big Data Analytics
INSC602 Enterprise System
INSC603 Data Science and Technologies INSC502
INSC604 Information Visualization INSC502
INSC605 Social Computing
MGTM501 Strategic Human Resource Management
MGTM502 Leading Effective Teams
MGTM601 Power and Politics in Organization
MGTM602 Designing High Performance Organization
MGTM603 Negotiation and Deal Making
ENTP601 Venture Creation
ENTP602 Social Entrepreneurship
ENTP601 Cases in Entrepreneurship
ENTP601 Business Development and Innovation

Each student has an option to take MBA project in lieu of Business Elective 1 & 2. MBA project can be completed in two semesters.