This course provides a sound foundation and creates abilities in the participants to manage Quality Assurance (QA) departments and/or handle Quality Assurance matters. It develops the requisite knowledge, understanding and practical abilities to get better Quality Assurance related jobs. It enables the professionals to handle the Quality Assurance tasks with confidence. This course will be taught by highly qualified NIU instructors who are practically knowledgeable and experienced in the relevant fields. This is an ideal course for all those who do not have any academic background in QA, QC, TQM or Six Sigma, Lean Management, etc.


Our curriculum emphasizes on:

  • Fundamental Concepts of Quality Assurance and Management in industries, Strategic Quality Management, Business Excellence Models, Quality and Best Practices in Pakistan.
  • Study of ISO 9000 and ISO 17025 Quality System Standards, Internal Quality Auditing.
  • Tools and approaches used in the processes of customer’s management, customer identification, segmentation, relationship management, service quality principles (SERVQUAL), customer retention and loyalty, customer surveys, Kano Model, Quality Function Deployment (QFD), and CRM.
  • Measurements and Testing in labs, Measurement System Analysis.
  • Project justification and prioritization, project planning and estimation, project monitoring and evaluation, Hands-on Microsoft Project.
  • Principles of Management, organizational structures, leadership, motivation, organizational culture and group dynamics.
  • Laboratory design to improve work flow and efficiency.


Upon successful completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand and use Quality Assurance Tools and Frameworks in any of the industrial environment.
  • Re-conceptualize through critical analysis their current roles, responsibilities and approaches in industrial set-ups as a Quality Manager.
  • Carry out practical projects of Standardization, Quality Improvement, or Re-engineering in their current industry to display the practical application of the technical knowledge.
  • Initiate or improve the important Quality Assurance programs in their departments or organizations.


This course is intended for:

  • Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) Graduates; to provide the knowledge of practical field, professional life and its challenges and guide them to get better career opportunities.
  • Laboratory Professionals; to improve their training, their job satisfaction and career opportunities.
  • Supervisors, Managers and Laboratory directors; to give some tools to help guide them through the rigors of managing the operations of a laboratory in today’s changing environment.

Whether new to laboratory management or seeking to refresh or update your knowledge in the area, you will find value in this coursework.


  1. Sajida Munir

M.Sc, MPhil, Ph.D (Microbiology and Molecular Genetics)

Asst. Professor (NIU)

  1. Saad Sattar

BSc. (Hons.) MLT, MPhil (Microbiology)

Lecturer (NIU)


Registration Deadline: 28th June, 2019

Registration Fee: Rs. 2000/-

Course Fee: Rs. 8,000/-

Course Duration: 04 weeks (15th July to 15th August, 2019)

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Account No: 3166307900224194
Bank Branch DHA Phase IV Branch, Lahore
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