What is speech and Language Pathology?

Speech-language therapy is the treatment, support, and care of people who have difficulties with communication or swallowing. This may include difficulties with speech, language and cognition (thought processes), or physical processes.

Why study Speech and Language Pathology with minor in Psychology

The study of Speech and Language Pathology provides students with a solid understanding of communication and swallowing disorders. An undergraduate SLP degree program with minor in Psychology will give you a basic understanding of the main theoretical foundations of psychology, and introduce you to a variety of fields of psychology including abnormal, social, and cognitive psychology.

behavioral issues like hyperactivity, anxiety, depression  are commonly associated in patients with communication disorders, so,   After completing a BS Degree with a major in SLP and minor in Psychology will be able the students to manage these issue independently  as psychologist and behavior therapist

Who needs it?

Communication difficulties can affect all types of people of any age and background – from new-born babies to the elderly. Speech-language pathologists benefit people with autism, stuttering, or those who have suffered hearing loss, stroke, brain injury, or cancer.


Career Opportunities:

As a graduate of this course, you will be able to work professionally as a Speech and Language Pathologist in a wide variety of fields, nationally and internationally, including schools, community health centers, hospitals, rehabilitation units, nursing homes, private practice and specialist disability services. You could also take on academic and research roles.

With the current shortage of speech pathologists in Pakistan, your job prospects are strong. Speech pathologists are particularly required in the fields of education, pediatrics and disability services.

Graduate in speech-language pathology will be able to:
Meet eligibility for international certification
Meet eligibility teacher certification in speech-language pathology
Be employed in a medical facility, school or private practice setting
Be prepared for admission into a M.Phil-level program


What we offer

At NIU you can take advantage of small class sizes, work and study with students from other allied health disciplines.

Our degrees is based on hands-on practice with a good balance of theory and practical work. During your studies you’ll get to work with people of all ages at clinics. You’ll graduate with skills and knowledge that can change lives of individuals with communication difficulties.

As a graduate of Speech and Language with minor in Psychology, your will have excellent employment prospects in multiple rehabilitation settings. You can go on to work in hospitals, schools and private clinics

Semester 1 (17)   Semester 2  (15)
ENGL 101 Functional English 3 (3-0) ENGL 102 Writing & Communication skills 3 (3-0)
CSCS 101 Introduction to Computer 3 (2-1) MATH 101 Mathematics 3 (3-0)
BASC 101 Basic Anatomy – I 3 (3-0) BASC 102 Basic Anatomy – II 3 (2-1)
BASC 111 Basic Physiology – I 3 (3-0) BASC 112 Basic Physiology – II 3 (2-1)
BASC 131 General Pathology 3 (3-0)   BASC 141 Human Psychology 3(3-0)
SLP 101 Human communication Disorders 2(2-0)
Semester 3 (16) Semester 4 (18)
SLP 201  Language and Linguistics 2(2-0) SLP 211 Medicine 2 (2-0)
Minor Course-I 3(3-0) PKST 101 Pakistan studies 2(2-0)
SLP 202 Developmental Paediatrics 2(2-0) SLP 215 Neurosciences for SLP 2 (2-0)
SLP 103 Technical writing and presentational skills 3(3-0) SLP 212 Clinical supervised practice-I 2 (0-2)
SLP 203 Otorhinolaryngology-I 2(2-0) Minor Course-II 3 (3-0)
ISLM 101 Islamic studies 2(2-0) SLP 213 Otorhinolaryngology-II 2 (2-0)
BASC 204 Psychiatry 2 (2-0) Minor Course-III 3(3-0)
SLP 214 Phonetics & Phonology 2(2-0)
Semester 5 (16) Semester 6 (17)
SLP 321 Fluency Disorders 2 (2-0) SLP 331 Acoustics and Audiology 2 (2-0)
 Minor Course–IV 3(3-0) Minor Course  –VI 3 (3-0)
SLP 322 Clinical supervised practice-II 2(0-2) SLP 333 Aphasia 3 (3-0)
SLP 323 Articulation & Phonological Disorders 2(2-0) SLP 334 Clinical supervised practice-III 3 (0-3)
SLP 324 Voice Disorders 2(2-0) BIOS 300 Biostatistics 3 (3-0)
Minor Course –V 3(3-0) Minor Course –VII 3 (3-0)
SLP 305 Language Disorders 2(2-0)
Semester 7 (18) Semester 8 (14)
SLP 441 Ethics In Speech and Language Pathology 2(2-0) SLP 451 Alternative Augmentative Communication 2( 2-0)
RSM 400 Research Methodologies 3 (2-1) SLP 499 Research Project 6 (0-6)
SLP 442 Dysphagia 3 (3-0) SLP 452 Evidence Based Practice In SLP 2 (2-0)
SLP 443 Motor speech disorders 3 (3-0) SLP 453 Supervised Clinical Practice – V 2 (2-0)
SLP 444 Supervised Clinical Practice – IV 2(0-2) SLP 454 Sign Language 2 (2-0)
 SLP 445 Cranio-facial and Resonance Disorder 3 (3-0)
SLP 446 Behaviour management in SLP 2 (2-0)
  1. Rabia Azmat


BSc (Hons) SLP (UHS), MS-SLP (RIU)

Gold Medalist


  1. Sadia Tahira

Lecturer SLP

BSc (Hons) SLP (UHS), MS-SLP (RIU)


  1. Muhammad Ahmed

Demonstrator SLP

BSc (Hons) SLP (UHS), MS-SLP (RIU)


  1. Amna Irum

Assisstant Professor

MBBS,MPhil –Physiology


  1. Zakia Saif

Assisstant Professor

MBBS,MPhil –Pathology


  1. Ayesha Sarfaraz

Assisstant Professor-Psychology

Faculty Applied Sciences
Study Level Undergraduate
Program Duration 4 Years
Program Type Regular
Total Credit Hours 131
Intake Fall Semester

F.Sc (Pre-medical) with at least 50% marks

O levels (in at least 6 subjects) and A levels (in at least 3 full credit courses Biology, Physics, Chemistry)