In order to create inter-professional practice capabilities among young graduates, inter-professional education is considered as the need of the day. Thus, to achieve this objective NUR International University is offering BS in Applied Psychology with minor in Speech and Language Pathology. The combination of psychology and speech and language pathology will give our students competitive edge over other psychology graduates, since knowledge of Psychology and Speech and language pathology is necessary for treating many psychological and neurological conditions.


Why this field of study?

A well-selected minor cannot only give one a potential edge but can also make the difference between success and failure. Psychology and Speech and Language Pathology are natural allies since both psychologist and speech and language pathologist work side by side in treating children with Mental retardation, Autism and for other psychological ailments.  Majority of developmental pathologies and neurological conditions that clinical psychologists treat have accompanying language and communication difficulties for which knowledge of speech and language pathology is an added advantage.


Job Opportunities:

This field of study opens up two tracks carrier opportunities for the graduates. They can opt either for any specialized domain of Applied Psychology (Clinical/Counseling/Organizational) or the field of Speech and Language Pathology. The integration of the two academic disciplines reinforces and enhances the influence of the major area on the minor and vice versa. In this way, students can enhance their clinical and research skills, by pooling in resources from the knowledge base of both the disciplines of Psychology and Speech and language Pathology. The labor market offers many job opportunities for a graduate with this academic combination.

Dr Nighat Bhatti (Professor and Dean)

Dr Imran Ijaz Haider (Professor and HOD)

Dr Ayesha Sarfaraz (Assistant Professor)

Ms Rabia Azmat (Assistant Professor)

Ms Sadia Tahira (Lecturer)

Mr. Muhammad Ahmad (Lecturer)

Ms Tahira Noreen (Lecturer)

Study Level Undergraduate
Course Length 04 Years
Credit Hours 134
Department Applied Psychology
Location NUR International University (Model Town Campus)

12 years or equivalent education with at least 50% marks

This program is based on HEC credit requirements, that is, 124-136 credits. These credits are divided in to major, minor, mandatory and other requirements. The distribution across these areas is:


Sr. Categories No. of courses Credit Hours
1 Major 10 33
2 Discipline Specific Foundation courses 10 33
3 Research work/Dissertation 2 6
4 Electives within the major 4 12
5 Compulsory 09 25
6 Courses from Speech and Language Pathology Department 10 21
7 Internship 1 4
Total 46 134


  • Total numbers of Credit hours             134
  • Duration 4 years
  • Semester duration                                     16-18 weeks
  • Semesters            8
  • Course Load per Semester 15-18 CHrs
  • Number of courses per semester                         4-6


Other Requirements:

Each student would be required to complete a four to six weak internship, one weak social work and a research project to be completed before the end of last semester. These requirements aim to give a student an exposure of fieldwork through the completion of a research project/internship/social work.