The main focus of this program is General Business Administration with a specialization in Finance and Information Sciences. The program will prepare the graduates in managerial positions keeping in view the demands of the corporate sector including jobs in the key area of Finance supported by Information Technology.

The Program is built on strong theoretical constructs, their application and financial decision making. Specifically, the courses will include, but will not be limited to financial management, corporate finance, investment analysis, financial statement analysis and good knowledge of financial and management accounting, supported by basic knowledge of micro and macroeconomics.

Students will be expected to do experiential exercises to build their skills in deep financial analysis and financial markets. Students will also be exposed to understanding the working of financial markets and banking institutions. Additionally they will be expected to develop a portfolio of investment in the stock markets.

Faculty Management Sciences
Study Level Undergraduate
Degree Length 4 years
Attendance Type Full Time
Total Credit Hours 130
Entry Fall Semester

12 years of education