Successful business leaders integrate knowledge of Human capital in effective business models, our main focus at Department of Business is to provide quality education and leadership skills that can serve them well in their professional careers.

Why this field of study?

The program aims to equip graduate students with the knowledge of business analytic theories and leadership skills required to make significant contributions in solving real world managerial and technical problems. Human resource is one of the key component of any organization that deals with employee’s recruitment, selection, trainings, performance management, organizational development, safety, wellness, compensation and benefits and others. HRM plays a strategic role in managing people, it can contribute greatly to accomplish organizational goals.

Program Objectives:

The BBA HRM program has the following objectives:

  • Graduates will develop critical thinking, effective communication and decision making skills
  • Graduate must be able to demonstrate competency in underlying concepts, theory and tools
  • Graduates will have a foundation in skills and concepts that are fundamental to business
  • Graduates will develop in depth expertise in specific area of business based on their personal and professional goals and objectives
  • Graduates will be able to work effectively in teams and understand group process, leadership, conflict and culture in organizations

Career Opportunities

HRM is a need of any organization to accomplish their goals. Acquiring BBA Human resource from Nur business school will help you in getting opportunities in top multinationals and local firms and will be a stepping stone in building your professional career.

Possible Careers of BBA HRM

  • HRM officer
  • Recruitment consultant
  • Training and development officer
  • Employees relation advisor
  • Life Career Coach
  • Management consultant
  • Compensation and Benefit Managers
Faculty Management Sciences
Study Level Undergraduate
Degree Length 4 years
Attendance Type Regular
Total Credit Hours 130
Intake (spring and fall) Semester

Students must have 12 years higher secondary education. Also they require having minimum percentage 0f 50% to get enrolment as per HEC requirement.

Curriculum Structure for BBA Cr. Hrs (Courses)
 Business Core Courses  60 (20)
 Business Major 12(4)
Business Electives 15(5)
Compulsory 27(9)
General Education + Seminar 16(5 + 1 Credit Seminar)
Internship (Non-credited)
Total Credit Hours 130(44)

Prof. Dr. Babar Aziz

Dr. Imran Hanif

Dr. Sobia Bano

Dr. Ayesha Sarfaraz

Mr. Zohiab Awan

Ms. Sarah Wasim

Ms. Tahira Noureen