Several decades ago, marketing was only studied and practiced in the context of sales and improving profit margins.  Today, marketing is considered as the heart of every business and it has become the part of every major decision that take place in the organization. At NIU, we will teach students to uncover the processes that create successful brands, products and services.  Students will explore that how companies are using the traditional and digital media to create their brand identity in multicultural and global world.

Students will develop a business competences that are available through elective courses. The competencies available for marketing majors include Digital and Social Media Marketing, Freelance Marketing, Sports Marketing, Marketing Analytics and Consumer Insights, Strategic Marketing Management, Retail Marketing, Sales Management, Integrated Marketing Communications and International and Services Marketing


Why this field of study?

The aim of marketing department is to develop all-rounder marketing professionals by equipping graduates with latest marketing insights that will help them secure competitive position from the innovation startup to establish multinationals. In addition to the business core learning goals and objectives, marketing majors aims to educate students to

  1. Understand the function of marketing department in an enterprise
  2. Use creative, critical and reflective thinking to address organizational opportunities and challenges.
  3. Researching and analyzing market and customer behavior to search for business opportunities
  4. Evaluate the dynamic of the global business environment from a competitive and economic perspective.
  5. Evaluate the impact of changing global, political, economic, competitive, environmental, cultural and social systems on marketing strategy development.
  6. Develop a strategically focused integrated marketing communications plan based on research and analysis of a brand, its competition, and consumer behavior, using appropriate communications strategies.
  7. Researching and analyzing market and customer behavior to search for business opportunities.
  8. Designing marketing and digital marketing campaigns including social media strategies as well as online positioning and visibility.
  9. Demonstrate ethical and socially responsible behavior.

Job Opportunities:

Career in marketing is not monotonous and its keep on changing. The changing environment of marketing allow professionals to branch out into a number of different areas, developing specialized skills in areas such as market research , branding , online marketing and sales management . Depending upon the interest graduates can select from the wide range of position available in the field such as a marketing/sales manager, key account manager, marketing researcher, digital marketing manager, customer behavior or business development consultant, or product and brand manager.

Faculty Management Sciences
Study Level Undergraduate
Degree Length 4 years
Attendance Type Regular
Total Credit Hours 130
Intake (spring and fall) Semester

Students must have 12 years higher secondary education. Also they require having minimum percentage 0f 50% to get enrolment as per HEC requirement.

This program is based on HEC credit requirements, that is, 130 credits. These credits are divided in to major, minor. And electives. The distribution across these three areas is:


Sr. Categories No. of courses Credit Hours
1 Business Core Courses 20 60
2 Business Major 4 12
3 Marketing electives 5 15
4 Compulsory 9 27
5 General Education + Seminar 5+1 16
6 Internship 0 0
Total 44 130


  • Total numbers of Credit hours 130
  • Duration 4 years
  • Semester duration 16-18 weeks
  • Semesters 8
  • Course Load per Semester 15-18 CHrs
  • Number of courses per semester 5-6

Prof. Dr. Babar Aziz

Dr. Imran Hanif

Dr. Sobia Bano

Dr. Ayesha Sarfaraz

Mr. Zohiab Awan

Ms. Sarah Wasim

Ms. Tahira Noureen