We at NIU are cognizant of the fact that we are living in an ever changing and high-speed global environment. This fact drives us to ensure that whatever we do whether inside or outside the class is compatible with the compulsions and requirements of the knowledge economy of today.

As one of the main scholastic and research establishments in Pakistan, the NIU offers an intellectually inspiring environment with humanistic customs for students and researchers to face and react to advancement challenges. With our rigorous academic programs at various levels we expect to engage our students to challenge traditional thinking in quest for inventive thoughts. Students learning at NIU will be given the chance to explore the world with a view to craft a better tomorrow.

At NIU students will get an opportunity to gain conventional and current knowledge and aptitudes, which will improve their future potential. Students will likewise be given a scope of professional services like internships, job placements and other similar services that will put them on a quick career advancement track. This will be done through small group discussions, tutorials and workshops to be conducted by exceedingly competent experts.

Situated in the heart of a delightful city in Pakistan, NIU offers a modern state of the art campus conducive for genuine learning and research. The leadership of NIU is committed to accomplish its mission, vision and values through creation, dissemination of knowledge and research which will impact policy and practice for accelerated development.

NIU is working under the management of Nur foundation/Fatima memorial System.

There are various reasons, as described under, for choosing NIU to pursue higher degrees in different professional programs offered by it.


To prepare leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow through a holistic education experience encompassing the best values and practices of both eastern and western world.


To develop leaders in different professional fields critical to the development of society by focusing on knowledge and research for improving quality of life and living standards based on equity.


We aim to pursue excellence in our services, encourage innovation, creativity and strive to cultivate an environment that is conducive to achieve highest professional standards.


We commit ourselves to support the vision of our university and pursuit of knowledge as well as to inculcate and demonstrate to our student body the virtuous spirit of hard work and unflinching dedication in service to the society.

Respect & Tolerance:

We strive to build an environment characterized by spirit of compassion, love and mutual understanding that help students from diverse backgrounds to overcome their difference and build a bond grounded in universal spirit of brotherhood.

Responsibility & Integrity:

We pledge to be responsible for the consequences of our actions, constantly strive for professional development and demonstrate uncompromising academic and professional integrity.

  • A conductive learning environment that not only focuses on functional knowledge but also emphasis well rounded personality development.
  • A faculty which is competent, dedicated and committed to providing best education experience to students.
  • Academic programs which are needed in our economy and which will provide ample opportunities for professional career and growth.
  • Sponsors, who are committed, to provide education of best quality in a competitive academic landscape.
  • Leadership, which brings vast experience of higher education and is committed to making NIU one of the best institutions within and outside Pakistan in the years to come.
  • International collaborations for assisting the university to provide high quality education.
  • We encourage our students to actively participate in co- and extra-curricular activities.
  • NIU will help students to identify career goals based on their specific interests and academic aspirations. Students will be assisted in identifying appropriate resources, networks, and tools necessary to achieve their desired objectives.
  • Our NUR student leadership program, provide students a platform to develop their leadership competencies.
  • NUR Community Outreach Program provides our students an opportunity to work as interns to understand the challenges of community development and to contribute to grass-root development.